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Hello from the KNXtoday team still in lockdown. We hope that you are keeping safe and well!

Light + Building is usually such a major event for KNX product launches but now that it will not take place until 2022, we are extending our Spotlight on Spring 2020 Products to include important product announcements for 2020. If you have a product that you would like to be included please email us.

In these uncertain times, we will do our best to bring you guidance as we navigate through the coronavirus and climate crises and a new world takes shape. We can help drive that change, so our first article looks to the future and how KNX will integrate with the wider world through services.

More immediately, Mark Warburton makes the case for providing maintenance and support to customers through remote access. He gives some great practical tips, as well as examples of useful products.

Simon Buddle deals with the climate and looks at how we are progressing to an all-electric house. He argues that low-carbon homes will see a significant increase in the need for more complex systems and the control of them, and that this presents a great opportunity for KNX professionals.

And finally, in his Letter from America, Phil Juneau covers actionable and achievable guidance to built environment decision makers, building operators, and occupants attempting to minimise infectious disease transmission through environmentally-mediated pathways such as HVAC systems.

We also present you with our top stories, events and resources this month, and if that's not enough, there's plenty more at the website, including a round up of current trading statements on our Coronavirus Updates page. If you have any news, projects or topics you would like us to consider for publication, do get in touch!

- Yasmin Hashmi, Managing Editor
- Stella Plumbridge, News Editor & Publisher


The Next Step: Services with KNX

Keeping your Distance: offering customers peace of mind through KNX remote access

Saving the Planet: the all-electric house

View from America: mitigating coronavirus transmission via HVAC


JUNG Offers New KNX Power Supply with IP Interface

Theben Announces Modular Weather Sensors for LUXORliving Smart Home Systems

ABB Enhances its KNX Switch Actuator Portfolio


KNX Association Wants to Hear How You’ve Dealt with Fake News about KNX

KNX Association Offers 30% Off ETS5 Professional in May

Light + Building Will be Held Again in its Normal Sequence in 2022

Home of Technologies Offers Special Deal on KNX Design, Planning and Project Management Tool from BEMI Automation

BEMCO Partners with Theben and Zennio to Offer Additional KNX Webinars





KNX Principles Webinar

ABB MyLearning Virtual Classes

Applied Project Management in KNX System Integration

Bes KNX by Ingenium Webinars

Gira Web-Based KNX Training

Theben Webinars 2020 – All the new products


GEBT 2020
9-12 June 2020 - POSTPONED
Guangzhou, China

Internet of Things World US
10-13 August 2020
San Jose, CA, USA

SSHT 2020
2-4 September 2020
Shanghai, China

SIBT 2020
2-4 September 2020
Shanghai, China

Light + Building 2022
13-18 March 2022
Frankfurt, Germany

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