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As we head into the festive season, we start December by looking ahead with Chris Irwin of J2 Innovations at how automated system configuring will change the world of building control and make the job of the BMS engineer more interesting. Chris focuses on the FIN open framework software that can read data from any system, regardless of protocol, provided it is communicated over IP using an agreed transport mechanism. The theme of interoperability is continued by Mark Warburton, who discusses the different ways in which KNX can work with other protocols and systems, from the complex to simple analogue and digital signals.

Before he escapes from the cold of the UK, Simon Buddle explains why KNX professionals need to know about humidity and the dew point when installing HVAC systems, in order to protect clients' furnishings from being ruined by condensation.

The View from America this month is very exciting, as Phil Juneau tells us about the inroads KNX is making with the first KNX intelligent building in the USA, namely the ABB Industrial Automation, USA Division HQ in Highland Hills, Ohio.

We also present you with our top stories, events and resources this month, and if that's not enough, there's plenty more at the website. In addition, if you have any news, projects or topics you would like us to consider for publication, do get in touch!

As this is the last newsletter for 2019, the team here at KNXtoday would like to wish you a merry Christmas, happy holidays and a super slide into the new year!

- Yasmin Hashmi, Managing Editor
- Stella Plumbridge, News Editor & Publisher


Sponsor’s Article: the productivity paradox and the promise of automated configuration

Integration: the versatility of KNX to connect with almost anything

HVAC: the importance of humidity to KNX installers

View from America: the first KNX intelligent commercial building in the USA


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Eelectron Announces New KNX Heating Actuators

KNX Association Announces Availability of ETS Inside for Linux

ABB Launches IoT Dashboard for Mid-Sized Commercial Building Automation Solutions

Park Electrical Distributors and Vitrea Technologies Announce Exclusive Partnership

Weinzierl Announces Powerful and Compact KNX Gateways to Modbus and DMX

Ivory Egg Showcases Lithoss KNX Switches and Keypads




SBC 2019 AVIXA Panel on Smart Buildings – From Concept to Reality

SBC 2019 The Future of Digital Buildings Keynote

Juniper Research Top 10 Tech Trends 2020 Webinar

An introduction to KNX Webinar


Rudi and his reindeer, Lapland


Smart Home Expo
14-15 December 2019
Bengaluru, India

Smart Building Conference 2020
10 February 2020
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Integrated Systems Europe 2020
11-14 February 2020
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Light + Building 2020
8-13 March 2020
Frankfurt, Germany

Smart Home Expo
17-18 March 2020
Birmingham, UK

Internet of Things World US
6-9 April 2020
San Jose, CA, USA

7-9 April 2020
Sofia, Bulgaria

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