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We start November with an article by Urban Marovt of 1Home Solutions on how a smart home configuration from an existing ETS project file can be reconstructed automatically using the 1Home algorithm. It can then be used to quickly retrofit voice control, visualisation apps and the IoT to the KNX installation.

With the temperature dropping in the Northern Hemisphere, Mark Warburton points out that the decentralised nature of KNX makes it ideal for heating control, particularly in systems with many zones and device types. He goes on to discuss different aspects of intelligent heating control using KNX thermostats.

We then welcome our new regular contributor, Philip Juneau, with his View from America. Phil is unabashedly striving to increase the adoption of KNX in the USA, and starts with an overview of the benefits of the protocol.

Next, Simon Buddle outlines strategies for safeguarding customers' networks from being hacked, and explains why he is keen to see wider implementation of KNX Secure. And finally, for those who could not make the recent annual KNX International Training Centre Conference in Stresa, Italy, Julian Barkes provides a super summary of the points discussed.

We also present you with our top stories, events and resources this month and if that's not enough, there's plenty more at the website. Finally, if you have any news projects or topics you would like us to consider for publication, do get in touch!


Sponsor’s Article: reconstructing a KNX home configuration out of the ETS project file to quickly retrofit voice control, visualisation apps and the IoT

KNX Thermostats: intelligence in heating control

View from America: KNX as the future standard for the USA

Security: safeguarding your customers’ networks

Report: KNX International Training Centre Conference


KNX Launches a Free Virtual Solution

KNX Association Announces 50% Off ETS Inside and Mini PC Lottery in November

ABB Announces New i-bus KNX Combi Switch Actuators Offering Flexibility with Compact Design

ISE Invites You to Make Deeper Connections at 2020 Event

BEMCO Offers Free KNX Product Training for Zennio and Theben




KNX Virtual Webinars – Part 5: Scenes

Ivory Egg Shading Control and SMI Tutorial

IET Draft Guide to Smart Homes for Electrical Installers

Juniper Research Whitepaper: How to Capitalise on Low Power IoT Technologies


IoT Tech Expo North America
13-14 November 2019
Santa Clara, USA

Smart Home Summit
18-20 November 2019
San Francisco, USA

19-20 November 2019
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Smart Home Expo
14-15 December 2019
Bengaluru, India

Smart Tech Homes Expo
20-21 December 2019
Pune, India

Smart Building Conference 2020
10 February 2020
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Integrated Systems Europe 2020
11-14 February 2020
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Light + Building 2020
8-13 March 2020
Frankfurt, Germany

Smart Home for Assisted Living
17-18 March 2020
Birmingham, UK

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