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YasminHashmiOur articles start this month with an excellent overview by Mark Warburton of the new KNX TP1-256 topology. This expands the number of devices on a line from 64 to 256, is backwardly-compatible, and promises to simplify system design, whilst potentially reducing system costs.

Simon Buddle then provides some great advice on how to expand your business by basing your domestic fire alarm systems on KNX. Although he discusses the new UK fire regulations, his examples of how KNX can be used to improve fire safety, as well as fire strategies, can be applied anywhere.

KNX Secure has been designed to protect KNX installations from internal and external hacking of a building’s control system. To keep us abreast of the technology, Thomas Weinzierl treats us to an update, with useful explanations of how KNX Data Secure and KNX IP Secure work, as well as what can realistically be expected for existing and future installations using twisted pair, RF and IP.

Finally, Julian Barkes suggests that it is ultimately better for all if manufacturers and distributors work together rather than compete. He supports his premise with reasoned examples of the value that distributors bring, both immediately to customers and to the longer-term growth of the market.

We also present you with our top stories, events and resources this month - check them out, they really are fascinating! And if that's not enough, there's plenty more at the website. If you have any news or projects you would like us to consider for publication, do get in touch!

Please note that there will be no newsletter in August, so we wish you a super summer (or winter Down Under) and look forward to catching up with you in September!

-Yasmin Hashmi, Managing Editor

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The New KNX TP1-256 Topology: more devices and fewer line repeaters

KNX and Domestic Alarm Systems: how effective is your fire strategy?

KNX Secure: the way to protect your installations

Opinion: Manufacturers – don’t underestimate the value that distributors add!


The #KNXTrain Sets off Around the World

KNX Association Announces 50% Off its ETS Apps in July

ABB Provides i-bus KNX Intelligent Building Control to Empower Digital Lighting for Shijiazhuang Metro

My KNX Store Launches Promotional Sample Case

Elsner Elektronik Announces New KNX Actuators


KNX RF & KNX Secure, the Perfect Symbiosis Webinar

CEDIA ISE Talk: Mass Sensorization

ABB KNX Secure and IP Router Secure Webinar

Frost & Sullivan Value Proposition – Smart Cities

Adroit Market Research: Significant Role of Internet of Things in Home Automation Whitepaper


Shanghai Intelligent Building Technology
3-5 September 2019
Shanghai, China

Shanghai Smart Home Technology
3-5 September 2019
Shanghai, China

Internet of Things World Asia
10-12 September 2019

CEDIA Tech Expo - Edinburgh
2 October 2019
Edinburgh, Scotland

Smart Cities Summit
31 October - 1 November2019
Atlanta, USA

IoT Tech Expo North America
13-14 November 2019
Santa Clara, USA

Smart Home Summit
18-20 November 2019
San Francisco, USA

19-20 November 2019
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Smart Building Conference 2020
10 February 2020
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Integrated Systems Europe 2020
11-14 February 2020
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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