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YasminHashmiAfter our comprehensive coverage of Light + Building over the past couple of months, it's time to unpick some of the topics raised. We start with an exclusive interview with KNX President, Franz Kammerl, on the direction of the KNX market and its place in the IoT.

Next, on the subject of training, Danny Lawless of Ark M&E discusses the situation concerning electricians in the UK, laments the lack of controls training in the curriculum and suggests how things could be improved. These principles apply equally to many other countries.

Mark Warburton then looks at one of his top L+B picks in more detail, with a product review of the Steinel HPD2 KNX sensor. Mark points out its capabilities and applications, and gives some great practical tips on how to install it.

KNX is all about saving energy, so we round off this month with Simon Buddle's article on why energy metering is so important and how it can help your customers. Simon provides some super advice on metering using KNX, how to set up meters, and how to manage the signals.

We also have plenty of news at the website, plus the resources section which is packed full of useful documents and videos. If you have any projects you would like us to consider for publication, do get in touch, and don't forget to send a picture of you, your smile and the KNX logo for our 'Where is KNX?' gallery!

-Yasmin Hashmi, Managing Editor

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Interview: Franz Kammerl on the KNX Market and the Internet of Things In this exclusive interview with KNXtoday, President of KNX Association, Franz Kammerl, gives his take on the current state of the KNX market, and its future in the IoT. KNXtoday: Why are you so enthusiastic about KNX, and what are ...


Overview: Is Training for Electricians in the UK Adequate?

Product Review: Steinel HPD2 KNX Sensor

Trade Talk: Why Utility Metering Makes Sense


Australasia and New Zealand Choose KNX as Standard for Smart Homes and Buildings - KNX is developing its market position in Australasia even further! The Australian standards and standardisation organisation STANDARDS Australia has officially declared the world’s leading standard for intelligent building networking, KNX, as the national technical specification. In doing so, the organisation…


JUNG Offers KNX Leak Sensor for Effective Protection against Water Damage

KNX Association Offers 30% Rebate on Pack of 3 ETS5 Professional Licenses in June

Pairot KNX Bridge Works with HomeKit, Alexa and Google Home and now Distributed in UK

For all our news coverage visit the KNXtoday news page.

KNX is the WORLDWIDE standard for home and building control.


Building Automation: Communication systems with EIB/KNX, LON and BACnet

KNX Training Centres @ Light + Building 2018 Video

KNX IoT Future Previewed at Light + Building 2018 Video

Applied Project Management in KNX System Integration

KNX Members at Light + Building 2018 Video

KNX at Light + Building 2018 Video

KNX Award Ceremony 2018 – the Winners

CEDIA Light + Building Exhibition 2018 Podcast


KNX Norway at Eliaden 2018, Oslo, Norway.


IoT Tech Expo Europe
27-28 June 2018
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Shanghai Intelligent Building Technology
3-5 September 2018
Shanghai, China

Shanghai Smart Home Technology
3-5 September 2018
Shanghai, China

13-14 November 2018
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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