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YasminHashmiWe start this month with a country profile on Algeria, by Hichem Alikacem of CFEA. KNX has already been implemented in a number of notable developments in the country, and with government plans for numerous other major projects, the opportunities are great.

This is followed by Nikita Thompson of award-winning systems integration company Hughes Electra, who looks at the challenges and opportunities facing women in the construction business and the world of KNX, and what the benefits are of having a diverse workforce.

Next is Simon Buddle who explores the effects of ETS Inside on existing systems integrators and the smart home business as a whole. Simon's concern is that the 255-device limit may be too large and could encourage projects by electricians that are too ambitious. On the other hand, ETS Inside promises to expand the market to the benefit of us all.

Finally, we have an interview with Sam Pound-Jones of Ivory Egg. In light of the recent BSRIA report showing KNX as the leading communication protocol in the European and Chinese smart home/light commercial markets, it comes as no surprise that Sam is upbeat about the standard’s future. He offers some great advice to manufacturers, integrators and distributors on overcoming the challenges and making the most of the opportunities facing the KNX market worldwide.

Don't forget to check out the latest news, as well as the resources section which is packed full of useful information, and don't forget to send us a picture of you, wherever you may be, with the KNX logo and a smile for our 'Where is KNX?' gallery.

-Yasmin Hashmi, Managing Editor

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Country Profile: KNX in Algeria - By Hichem Alikacem, CFEA. Algeria is located in North Africa and borders Tunisia and Libya in the east, Niger and Mali in the south, and Mauritania, Western Sahara, and Morocco in the west. Whilst Algeria is the largest North African …


Perspective: Women in the KNX Workplace

Trade Talk: The Effect of ETS Inside on the Smart Home Market

Interview: Sam Pound-Jones, Ivory Egg


BSRIA Finds KNX the Leading Protocol in the European & Chinese Smart Homes and Light Commercial Markets - BSRIA is pleased to present the results of its latest Smart Home/Light Commercial market study produced in January 2017. The study, which consists of individual country reports on China, France, Germany, Netherlands, North America and UK, is forecasting a total …

  Theben Presents LUXORliving Smart Living Comfort Control

KNX Association Announces Free ETS5 Supplementary When You Order ETS5 Pro in May

HDL Introduces KNX Omnisense Multifunctional Sensor Capable of Detecting Light Intensity, Movement, and Temperature

IMP Seeks Vimar Account Manager and Technical Support Engineer

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KNX is the WORLDWIDE standard for home and building control.


How to Make a KNX Installation Secure Webinar

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KNX Journal 1-2017


CFEA KNX Training Centre, Algiers, Algeria.


ISH China & CIHE
18-20 May 2017
Beijing, China

Smart Buildings 17
23 May 2017
London, UK

IoT Tech Expo Europe
1-2 June 2017
Berlin, Germany

Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology
9-12 June 2017
Guangzhou, China

Smart Home Energy Management Systems Conference
26-27 July 2017
Houston, Texas, USA

Shanghai Smart Home Technology
5-7 September 2017
Shanghai, China

Shanghai Intelligent Building Technology
5-7 September 2017
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11-12 October 2017
Dubai, UAE

IoT Tech Expo North America
29-30 November 2017
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