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YasminHashmiHappy new year! I hope that you had a good break and enjoyed the seasonal festivities.

To celebrate the start of 2016, we have a super selection of articles, news and other items of interest for you. The first of our articles is an interview with Mike Blackman, Managing Director of Integrated Systems Events, who tells us why the forthcoming ISE show is a must for KNX professionals.

Our regular columnist, Simon Buddle, has been trying to make various 'smart' consumer products work together in a meaningful way. Why bother with consumer technology when there is KNX? Well, your clients may be curious about such devices and ask for your advice, so as a technical expert, you need to have the right answers.

As a follow on to his November article on how to deal with traffic management in large KNX installations, Julio Díaz García of Sapienx Automation shows us how to monitor KNX devices through individual addresses. This can be helpful to precisely locate not only any particular issues with a device, but allows the traceability of the bus to be checked for more significant problems.

And finally, we are delighted to welcome back Mark Warburton of Ivory Egg. Having recently been on the design and installation side of the systems integration industry and having returned to the supplier side, Mark starts the new year with his take on the world of KNX, and suggests how its reach can be broadened.

We have plenty of news items to keep you up to date too, as well as some great resources, and don’t forget that you can comment at the end of any of these. Also remember to send us a picture of you, wherever you may be, with the KNX logo and a smile for our 'Where is KNX?' gallery. Enjoy!

-Yasmin Hashmi, Managing Editor

YasminHashmiOur first major event of the year is Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) in Amsterdam which runs from 9-12 February. Our coverage can be found on our Spotlight on ISE 2016 page, and we will be bringing you more shortly. If you would like to attend ISE free of charge, saving the on-site registration fee, use the code 379569 and register online now. If you are exhibiting KNX products or services at ISE 2016, send us your show news as soon as possible.

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KNX is the WORLDWIDE standard for home and building control.


KNX Security Position Paper

Guide to Open Protocols in Building Automation

Memoori Smart Buildings need Smart Thinking! Webinar

KNX Christmas Message


Artman Smart Energy Solutions in Tehran, Iran


Smart Building Conference
8 February 2016
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Integrated Systems Europe 2016
9-12 February 2016
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Smart Living Conference @ IoT Tech Expo Europe
10-11 February 2016
London, UK

Smart Energy Summit
22-24 February 2016
Austin, Texas, USA

Light + Building 2016
13-18 March 2016
Frankfurt, Germany

15-18 March 2016
Milan, Italy

Smart Cities, Energy Efficiency & Renewables
5-7 April 2016
Sofia, Bulgaria

CABA Intelligent Buildings & Digital Home Forum
26-28 April 2016
San Diego, CA, USA

ISH China & CIHE
30 May - 1 June 2016
Beijing, China

Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology
9-12 June 2016
Guangzhou, China


Sponsor: ISE 2016

ISE has something for you whatever your level of interest in audiovisual technology. Register online for free using the invitation code 379569.

Interview: Mike Blackman on the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) Show (07/01/2016) - Mike Blackman is the Managing Director of Integrated Systems Events, the parent organisation behind Integrated Systems Europe, as well as other events, such as the Digital Signage Summit series of conferences. During his tenure, Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) has become …


Trade Talk: Be Prepared for a Little Bit of DIY (07/01/2016)

How to Solve it: Individual Device Supervision and Traceability in a KNX Installation using the NETxAutomation BMS Server and Voyager Visualisation (07/01/2016)

Perspective: Taking KNX to the Next Level (07/01/2016)


ISE 2016 Gets Set for its Biggest Ever Show (23/11/2015) - ISE 2016 will return to the Amsterdam RAI on 9-12 February 2016 for the 13th edition of the largest AV tradeshow in Europe. This year will see the show format expand to include a fourth day for the first time. …

  MyKNXStore Offers Berker Range of KNX Products in the UK (07/01/2016)

Jung Increases its Presence in the UK (16/12/2015)

CEDIA Announces Award Categories for 2016 (11/12/2015)

Intersec Forum at Light + Building 2016 Highlights New Aspects of Networked Security Technology (11/12/2015)

For all our news coverage visit the KNXtoday news page.

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