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YasminHashmiWe have a super selection of articles for you this month, starting with a report from the CEDIA Expo by Frederic Chaussy and Christophe Lavergne of DMC Technology. KNX USA and other manufacturers put on a splendid show of residential control technology, igniting interest in KNX as well as helping those already familiar with the protocol to better understand its capabilities.

This is followed by a step-by-step tutorial by Julio Díaz of Sapienx Automation on how to deal with traffic management in large KNX installations. For this, he uses the NETxAutomation OPC Server and BMS Server - a package that has been recommended for large KNX installations since 2006.

Next, we have a country profile on Saudi Arabia by Ayman Babelly of MacTech. A growing number of systems engineers and contractors are being trained in KNX, and it is set to play a big part in the 'economic cities' that are being developed to help the country diversify its economy. Our regular contributor, Charlotte Blissett-Griffiths of Ivory Egg then treats us to an overview of how to keep lighting control simple for the end-user, with useful tips, examples, and advice. And finally, our technical guru Simon Buddle, returns to CEDIA Expo, with his take on how KNX is spreading to the USA, and what trends he noticed at the show.

Don’t forget that you can comment at the end of these articles, and do remember to send us a picture of you, wherever you may be, with the KNX logo and a smile for our 'Where is KNX?' gallery. Enjoy!

-Yasmin Hashmi, Managing Editor

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KNX is the WORLDWIDE standard for home and building control.


IET Code of Practice for Low and Extra Low Voltage Direct Current Power Distribution in Buildings

IET Code of Practice for Cyber Security in the Built Environment

Manuale dell’Installatore Domotico KNX

Memoori Research Building Automation Meets the Internet of Things Webinar


CEDIA Expo, Dallas, USA


Global Automated Buildings Summit
26-27 November 2015
Berlin, Germany

Integrated Systems Europe 2016
9-12 February 2016
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Smart Living Conference @ IoT Tech Expo Europe
10-11 February 2016
London, UK

Light + Building 2016
13-18 March 2015
Frankfurt, Germany


Show Report: KNX USA at CEDIA Expo 2015 (06/11/2015) - By Frederic Chaussy and Christophe Lavergne, DMC Technology. CEDIA Expo is a leading trade show in the world of home automation. It is held every year in the USA, and provides an opportunity to see the latest technology, participate in …


How to Solve it: Traffic Management in Large KNX Installations (06/11/2015)

Country Profile: Saudi Arabia (06/11/2015)

Solutions: Simple-to-use Lighting (06/11/2015)

Trade Talk: KNX Spreading to the USA – Trends at CEDIA Expo 2015 (06/11/2015)


KNX Association Announces Final Call for Entries to KNX Award 2016 (06/11/2015) - Deadline for entries: 20 November 2015 KNX Association International is pleased to announce that applications can now be handed in for the KNX Award 2016, which will be granted at the light+building fair 2016 (on the 15th of March) in Frankfurt (Germany) …

  Iddero Matches KNX Award Prizes Granted by the KNX Association (06/11/2015)

Artman Energy Solutions Hosts 1st Official KNX Event in Iran (02/11/2015)

MyKNXStore Offers Theben Training 24-26 November in Gateshead, UK (16/10/2015)

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