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YasminHashmiWe want to hear from you! KNXtoday covers all things related to the KNX home and building control standard worldwide, so wherever you are, send us your news about KNX products, projects, tools, experiences, events, training courses, research etc. And if you have any KNX presentations, videos, whitepapers, apps etc., that you would like to share, then we can add these to our resources section.

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-Stella Plumbridge, Publisher

YasminHashmiOur articles this month start with a case study by Edouard Vidoudez of ABB France on the company's new HQ that is enjoying 25% energy savings using building control. This is followed by Simon Buddle of Future Ready Homes, who gives us compelling reasons why KNX is ideal for door communications, lighting and heating in multi-dwelling units.

Next, Sophie Thomas and Nikita Thompson of Ivory Egg explain why AV systems integrators should be looking to use KNX for integrating audio and video with other building control functions, while KNXin's Jesús Arias García makes a powerful case for the KNX industry to consider marketing the protocol to the consumer as well as the professional. And finally, Ben Lewis of KNX Consultants give a great practical overview of how to control KNX dimmer modules in various ways.

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-Yasmin Hashmi, Managing Editor

KNX is the WORLDWIDE standard for home and building control.


KNX E-Mode Webinar

KNX Green Buildings

JUNG Catalogue App

Eelectron References 2014/2015

Memoori Research Cyber Security in Smart Buildings – The Elephant in the Room Webinar


My KNX Store in Gateshead, UK


Smart Cities, Energy Efficiency & Renewables
11-13 March 2015
Sofia, Bulgaria

CABA Intelligent Buildings & Digital Home Forum
14-18 April 2015
Austin, Texas, USA

28-30 April 2015
Taipei, Taiwan

ISH China & CIHE
13-15 May 2015
Beijing, China

Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology
9-12 June 2015
Guangzhou, China

ISH Shanghai & CIHE
23-25 September 2015
Shanghai, China

Shanghai Intelligent Building Technology
23-25 September 2015
Shanghai, China

Smart Buildings
6-11 October 2015
NEC, Birmingham, UK


Case Study: ABB’s New HQ in France Saves 25% in Energy Costs (10/03/2015) - The new ABB headquarters in France is located outside Paris in Cergy Pontoise. It was converted from a factory into an office building, and is now fully equipped with advanced building automation systems including centralised monitoring …


Best Practice: KNX and the MDU (10/03/2015)

Trade Talk: Why KNX and AV are the Perfect Match (10/03/2015)

Business: Should We be Marketing KNX B2C? (10/03/2015)

How to Solve it: Different Ways of Controlling KNX Dimmer Modules (10/03/2015)


KNX Association Shows KNX City, Opentherm interface and Member Solutions at ISH 2015 (03/03/2015) - KNX Association, the worldwide STANDARD for home and building control, will be present at the most important Trade Fair for HVAC in Europe, the ISH fair. The fair will be held in Frankfurt, Germany between the 10th and the 14th of March …

  MyKNXStore Celebrates 1st Birthday (05/03/2015)

UK Construction Week Announces Growing Line-Up (02/03/2015)

Largest Ever ISE With 59,350 Attendees Becomes Four-Day Event in 2016 (17/02/2015)

Design Innovation Launches KNX Panel Builders – a Control Panel Building Service for System Integrators and Electricians (12/02/2015)

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