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The use and reach of KNX continues to grow, from the announcement that LG Electronics is now the 350th manufacturer member, to the formation of the first National Group in North America with KNX Mexico. If you are already involved with KNX send us your news, events and article suggestions. If you are new to KNX, then the KNX Association offers a range of free webinars, videos, publications and downloads, and you can contact one of the many KNX national groups for details of local events. You can also follow KNXtoday on our social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest) or RSS feed.

-Stella Plumbridge, Publisher

YasminHashmiOur articles this month start with the second instalment of the three-part series by Ben Lewis of KNX Consultants on the practicalities of refurbishing his office with KNX. In part 2, Ben deals with the heating installation. This is followed by our new 'How to Solve it' column. This month, Héctor Colado of Amaisys Training, gives step-by-step advice on how to correctly program ETS so that the status-LED of a light switch displays correctly even if two light switches are used to control the same light.

KNXin's Jesús Arias García treats us to his vision of the smart city powered by renewable energy, how KNX can play an important role in creating energy-efficient buildings, and how legislation can help. Sophie Thomas of Ivory Egg then makes the case for shade control in the smart home, and how this often-overlooked aspect of building control can add value to a project. Simon Buddle of Future Ready Homes gives some excellent advice on what type of user interface to specify, followed by an interview with Tim Robbins of My KNX Store on the advantages of becoming a KNX-certified installer. And finally, in his last contribution before taking a sabbatical, Dr KNX looks at how ETS5 will make an impact on the programming process.

Don’t forget that you can comment at the end of these articles, and do remember to send us a picture of you, wherever you may be, with the KNX logo and a smile for our 'Where is KNX?' gallery. Enjoy!

-Yasmin Hashmi, Managing Editor

KNX is the WORLDWIDE standard for home and building control.


JUNG New Items 2014

How to become a KNX National Group

Smart home: Habitat connecté, installations domotiques et multimédia

KNX Journal 2-2014

Secure KNX Installations Webinar


Eelectron Headquarters in Legnano (Milan), Italy


Integrated Systems Russia 2014
29-31 October 2014
Moscow, Russia

Integrated Systems Europe 2015
10-12 February 2015
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Smart Cities, Energy Efficiency & Renewables
11-13 March 2015
Sofia, Bulgaria


Case Study: Providing a KNX Infrastructure within a Listed Building – Part 2 (27/10/2014) - By Ben Lewis, KNX Consultants. This three-part series covers the practicalities of controlling the lighting and heating in our headquarters, and monitoring our energy consumption, all using KNX. The building is a 17th-century Grade II listed former dovecote, and is located in Staunton, Gloucestershire, UK. …

How to Solve it: Synchronising the Status-LED of Wall Switches and Lighting Channels (27/10/2014)


Going Green: Green Buildings, Energy Efficiency and Legislation (27/10/2014)

Trade Talk: Shade Control - the most underspecified aspect of the KNX smart home (27/10/2014)

Best Practice: The Changing Use of the User Interface (27/10/2014)

Interview: Tim Robbins, My KNX Store - The Advantages of Becoming KNX-Certified (27/10/2014)

Dr KNX: The Impact of ETS5 (27/10/2014)


KNX Association Welcomes LG Electronics as its 350th Member (20/10/2014) - The spreading of the KNX system, the worldwide standard for home and building control, enshrined in the ISO/IEC 14543-3 series, confirms again the internationalisation of this leading technology. The community around KNX, which is known for its high degree of …

  JUNG Ships its Switch Classic LS 990 in Les Couleurs Le Corbusier (22/10/2014)

KNX UK Hosts Seminar to Launch ETS5 and KNX UK Professionals (21/10/2014)

KNX Association Holds ‘KNX Development Getting Started Workshop’ at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences (01/10/2014)

Ingenium Presents its New ‘Smart Touch’ Vertical Touch Panel (30/09/2014)

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