Elsner Elektronik Introduces CasaConnect KNX Central Unit for Smart KNX Buildings

The new Smart Home & Living solution for more living comfort, security and energy efficiency in the KNX world is the central unit CasaConnect KNX. Using the touch screen and the smartphone app, effortless central operation of the building technology is possible. The central unit is communicative right from the set-up stage: the service technician […]

DALI Alliance joins IP-BLiS to Improve IoT Integration Across Smart Commercial Buildings

Along with BACnet International, KNX Association, OCF, Thread Group and the Zigbee Alliance, the group advocates the use of Internet Protocol as the secure backbone for lighting and building-automation services. The DALI Alliance has joined IP-BLiS, the “IP Building & Lighting Standards” market interest group to support convergence towards using Internet Protocol (IP) transport and security mechanisms to simplify […]

BEMCO Webinars: Zennio 2021, KNX Shading Control

Zennio 2021 New products release In this webinar, Javier Aguirre (Zennio UK Technical Manager) will talk about the new characteristics and features of the new products – Z40, EyeZen (TP and IN) and Tecla 55, KEM. Shading Control: The KNX Advantage Webinar In this webinar, Jeremy Aston from CSB to talk about the benefits of […]

Integrated Systems Europe Research Highlights Value of In-Person Events in AV Industry

With a degree of optimism, ISE, AVIXA and CEDIA look forward to the return of industry events next year, as market research finds that AV professionals are eager to attend face-to-face events in 2021.  During October, Integrated Systems Europe commissioned research, targeting AV professionals to evaluate visitor appetites for conferences and events following COVID-19. The […]