Elsner Elektronik Offers KNX S2 and KNX S4 Actuators for Shading and Window Control

The new KNX S2 and KNX S4 actuators by Elsner Elektronik are used to control the drives of blinds, awnings, shutters and windows. With integrated automation functions, it is very easy to set up shading control or window/ventilation control for each drive output. The sun shade control also includes slat guidance for the shutters. Every […]

Mindjaga Joins the KNX Association

Mindjaga endeavors to include intellectual property elements in its product designs to add value for its customers. The services for commercial customers includes software that helps automate processes. With reference to KNX, Mindjaga is involved particularly in relation to building automation and monitoring. The aim of the automation and monitoring is to help ensure that […]

KNX UK and KNX Association Host a KNX Technology Forum in London

KNX UK and KNX Association are hosting a KNX Technology Forum on Thursday 14th September at the iconic Tower Bridge in London. This is a technical event for companies involved in the KNX Market, at which you will discover information about the latest KNX Technology development and get first-hand information about the ongoing technology, tools […]

Qt Introduces Qt for Automation Including QtKNX Smart Home Library

The Qt Company introduced the Qt for Automation offering, a new set of libraries and development tools for the building, services and industrial automation sectors. Built on Qt for Device Creation and Qt for Application Development, Qt for Automation is designed to enhance the performance and capabilities of edge devices for the Internet of Things […]

KNX Applications and Solutions Visualisation and Management Functions Webinar Video

Visualisation and management functions with KNX belong to the most important applications in home and building control. The many opportunities do not only have an effect on comfort in homes and buildings, it also helps to make users aware of energy consumption as such, the first and most effective step to save energy. That is […]

Sichuan Hao Ding Technology Joins the KNX Association

Sichuan Hao Ding Technology Co., Ltd. is a company mainly engaged as a science and technology enterprise dealing with intelligent control product development, with production and sales in China and abroad. Sichuan Hao Ding Technology specialises in technological innovation, putting quality first and with the focus on the customer. It is vital to the company […]

Wago Holds Codesys DALI/KNX Training in the UK in September

Following the success of last years training course Wago have decided to hold another one in September for those interested in world class Building Automation using Codesys DALI/KNX solutions for commercial and residential applications. With the future requirements and specification for more intelligent and integrated buildings Wago can offer a solution that is already adapted […]