Vemer Joins KNX Association

Vemer is an Italian company that has been in the market of measurement and control of main electrical parameters and automatic digital control devices for more than 20 years. In these fields the company provides many devices suitable for installation in different environments (home and building, electrical panels, industrial applications). The company will provide specific […]

Technische Unie Offers Gira KNX/EIB-2 Two-Day Workshop

During the workshop KNX/EIB-2 you can increase both your theoretical knowledge and your practical skills. The European Installation Bus (EIB) is a collaboration between a large number of manufacturers. These manufacturers have developed on the basis of a common protocol, each having a bus system. With EIB to control systems in homes and commercial buildings […]

KNX Austria Announces Connecting Technology Event on 9 December 2013

KNX Austria invites you to its event: KNX – Connecting Technology on Monday 09 December 2013 from 15:00-21.00 at the Musical Theatre, The People’s Garden People’s Garden 1, Linz. Presentations and discussions will cover the following topics: – emergence of a KNX project based on the KNX Award Austria 2013 Project – quality and extent […]

ISER Tech Joins KNX Association

ISER Tech srl bases its work on its passion for new technologies with a focus toward a better future. In an increasingly competitive world requiring quality and reliability, ISER Tech satisfies the needs of its customers by offering cutting-edge products that meet the standard required by the market. Today the company is a leader in […]

The 2013 Interclima+Elec Smarthome Award Winners Include KNX Installations

The third edition of the SMARTHOME AWARDS has closed, with 7 impressive projects receiving awards. The winners demonstrated pragmatism, the ability to anticipate changing technologies and creativity. With today’s growing emphasis on automation and three trade shows, INTERCLIMA+ELEC, BATIMAT and IDEO BAIN forming the world’s biggest building and architecture showcase, the results of the Smarthome […]

Domonetio KNX Training Center Runs Free Introductory Seminars at FISE 2013

Discover the difference, why KNX is # 1. Domonetio KNX Training Center organizes seminars for FISE 2013 in Medellin, Colombia with the aim of showing visitors the main advantages of using KNX, the worldwide standard for home and building control. Participate in workshops that will take place in the booth Domonetio, stand AZ -097. Participants […]

GAMMA Converter App by Siemens

GAMMA Converter App is used to automatically exchange applications of Siemens products. It expands the basic functionality of the GAMMA Converter Tools with the feature, to automatically exchange the application within the ETS. The App uses the KNX Converter Libary of Siemens for converting the data, which can be downloaded for free. The exchange of […]

Cities/Buildings Systems Standardization and Object Addresses

Many buildings have been equipped with Building Automation Systems for resources consumption management. The next step is interconnecting those buildings in a City Resource Management System with the power plants, gas plants, water treatment plants, waste water plants and all the other community plants. The result is a system that will contain all electrical installations […]