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PEAKnx and Airzone partner to offer KNX gateway integration with air conditioning systems 

PEAKnx, Darmstadt-based manufacturer of KNX products for building control ( and the HVAC solutions company Airzone, headquartered in Málaga/Spain (, have entered into a strategic partnership in the areas of technology and marketing. 

New partnership ensures a positive climate 

The collaboration between the two companies is a win-win situation. The Spanish company Airzone, founded in 1997, sought contact with the Darmstadt-based PEAKnx GmbH in November 2022, and after the initial talks it was clear: the companies complement each other excellently, benefiting from each other and creating synergies. The interpersonal climate and personal touch also align well. 

Lorenz Rohrmann, CEO of PEAKnx GmbH, emphasizes: “For us, the partnership is the starting point for entering the field of climate technology and exploring the Spanish market. The integration of Airzone’s Aidoo KNX into our visualisation software YOUVI is straightforward, and control via our ventilation widget is self-explanatory. Soon, Aidoo Pro, the gateway for cloud-based air conditioning control, will be seamlessly integrated into our visualisation. We also look forward to collaborating in the areas of sales and marketing. In the future, we will support each other in PR and marketing activities and at international trade fairs.” 

Fernando de la Cruz, Area Manager for Central Europe, the UK and Ireland at Airzone, is also pleased about the collaborative partnership: “We are delighted about the new partnership and are confident that it will provide progress for us in the German market. Together, both brands represent the concept of smart air conditioning in line with our core values at Airzone. The list of air conditioning units compatible with the PEAKnx products is expanded on a regular basis. Thanks to the innovative plug-and-play modules of Aidoo KNX and Aidoo Pro, integration opportunities are greater than ever.” 

With more than 400 employees, Airzone is among the world’s leading providers of control technology and components for air conditioning systems in residential and commercial buildings. The collaboration with PEAKnx creates new market opportunities for the company: In addition to its existing activities in the field of air conditioning, Airzone is making strides in international market segments, particularly in the German KNX sector, with its manufacturer-specific Aidoo-KNX gateways for automated buildings. 

PEAKnx, as a manufacturer of innovative hardware and software components for building automation, gains access to numerous ventilation systems with two Airzone products, expands the sale of its product range to the Spanish market, and strengthens its competitiveness. PEAKnx will offer the products Aidoo KNX and Aidoo Pro for sale in the future. This allows new air conditioning systems in buildings to be equipped with Airzone’s Aidoo KNX and Aidoo Pro products, or existing air conditioning units can be retrofitted. 

Joint solutions for room climate at the ISE and Light + Building trade shows 

The products of both companies will have their first joint appearances at the ISE Integrated Systems Europe in Barcelona, Spain, and Light + Building in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. At their respective booths, both companies showcase the products of their cooperative partner, demonstrating the latest solutions for climate control in KNX-controlled buildings to their customers on-site. 

Trade show dates 

ISE 30th January to 2nd February 2024, Barcelone/Spain 

  • PEAKnx and Airzone: Joint KNX stand 2L300, Hall 2 
  • Airzone: Stand 2G550, Hall 2 

Light + Building 3rd to 8th March 2024, Frankfurt am Main/Germany 

  • PEAKnx: Stand D40, Hall 9.0 
  • Airzone: Stand A41, Hall 11 
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