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KNX UK announces annual conference open to non-members

KNX UK, the National Group representing KNX Certified Manufacturers, Distributors, Integrators and Training Centres in the UK, is delighted to announce its upcoming Annual Conference, opening its doors to non-members for the first time.

The new format conference aims to provide a unique opportunity for professionals from the electrical contracting and building design and construction industries to gain valuable insights into the world of the KNX open standard and explore its immense potential.

Taking place on 27th September 2023 at SAMA Bankside, London the KNX UK Annual Conference is set to be an engaging and informative event that will showcase the latest advancements and applications in smart building technology. By extending the invitation to nonmembers, KNX UK is striving to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing among industry experts, ultimately driving the widespread use of KNX across the UK.

The conference will feature expert speakers, who will share their invaluable experiences and success stories with KNX integration. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from industry leaders, explore cutting-edge products and services, and gain actionable insights that can be applied to their own projects.

“KNX is the sustainable and ultra flexible standard for building control. Continuous development in applicable technologies means ‘everything is possible. Come and find out why, and how your projects can benefit from making the KNX choice right from the start,” says Iain Gordon, MD, GES Digital and KNX UK Chair.

They have also announced the launch of their first ‘Technology in Action Award.’

This prestigious award aims to celebrate and honour the most innovative and groundbreaking application of technology in building projects across the UK.

The Technology in Action Award is open to all professionals in the construction and design industry, including Architects, Building Services Consultants, Developers, and Interior Designers.

KNX UK invites individuals and teams who have demonstrated exceptional creativity, effectiveness, and sustainability in implementing technology solutions within their building projects to enter the competition.

“We are committed to fostering innovation and excellence in the field of intelligent building automation. The Technology in Action Award provides a platform for architects, consultants, developers, and interior designers to showcase their exemplary projects and inspire others in the industry,” says Graham Oliver Managing Director JUNG UK and KNX UK Board member.

The award submissions will be evaluated by a distinguished panel of industry experts, and the winner announced at the KNX UK Annual conference on the 27th September. Submissions for the Technology in Action Award are now open and closes on 16th August 2023.

To enter the award, learn more about the submission guidelines, or register to secure your place at the Annual Conference visit the official KNX UK website at

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