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Intesis makes IN701-KNX Protocol Translator Series common platform for KNX

Enable a series of applications to connect ASCII, BACnet or Modbus devices into BMS systems based on KNX

This new concept allows you to combine multiple protocols in one hardware platform and select the ideal application for your KNX project using Intesis MAPS.

Features include:

  • Match your hardware with your Protocol Translation application with just a few clicks
  • Exchangeable Protocol Translation combinations
  • Common configuration tool for all of them: Intesis MAPS
  • Hardware series for the most common Building Automation protocols in the industry

Configuration is user-friendly – you can connect and select your desired application using Intesis MAPS, and there are certified options for the main protocols in building automation including:

  • KNX to Modbus server
  • Modbus client to KNX
  • KNX to BACnet server
  • BACnet client to KNX
  • KNX to ASCII server

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