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BEMCO Launches New KNX Courses

Refresher course

Method: Virtual
Cost: £65
Date: 18th March 2021
Duration: 9am – 4pm
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The KNX Refresher training is ideal for those who may be aware of KNX or attended some training previously but are out of practice or in need of a confidence boost to enable them to take on a project.

Delegates will be able to familiarise themselves with the ETS software and get up to speed with the latest enhancements including KNX IP, KNX RF and KNX Secure.

KNX panel building course

Method: Virtual
Cost: £35
Date: TBC
Duration: 10am – 1pm
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In KNX Panel Building, custom installers and electrical contractors will learn how to build a KNX board, covering the assembly of DIN rail KNX components and switches into an enclosure, wiring schematics, cabling and the creation of lighting circuits and output connections.

Shading control

Method: Virtual
Cost: FREE
Date: On demand
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The business opportunity for KNX integrators is fully explored in Shading Control: The Advantages of KNX in the company of SOMFY specialist, Jeremy Aston. This course will cover all aspects of shading control, the different control options, shade types, dumb versus intelligent motors, phase/24v/230v/bus and SMI control alongside fabric specification and delivery.

Class sizes for both the KNX refresher course and KNX panel building course are capped at 6 people.

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