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KNX Awards 2020 Videos

KNX Awards 2020 – Energy Efficiency Winner: Sanepar

KNX Awards 2020 – International AAA Winning Project: Teatro del Libertador General San Martín

KNX Awards 2020 – International Asia Winning Project: Nobakht Office Building

KNX Awards 2020 – International Europe Winning Project: Living longer in your home with high tech

KNX Awards 2020 – Peoples Choice Winning Project: Al Masa New Alamein City

KNX Awards 2020 – Publicity Winning Project: eHaus

KNX Awards 2020 – Special Winning Project: The Smart Living Lab

KNX Awards 2020 – Young Winning Project: Off Grid Smart Home

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All in one: Meteodata weather station

All in one: Meteodata weather station
Efficient blind controls, smart sun position tracking and convenient glare protection – the KNX Meteodata weather station from Theben incorporates a ...