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Overkiz Solutions Adds KNX Compatibility to Hattara DIN Rail Smart Gateway

Overkiz remains committed to having an increasingly open ecosystem, adding the KNX wired protocol to the radio protocols already compatible with its IoT solutions.

Designed for residential and non-residential real estate markets, this new compatibility addresses the flexibility and interoperability needs of professionals in the field (installers, electricians, developers, and property builders). Another step forward for Overkiz, opening new horizons for connected buildings by bringing together wired and radio connections.

The Overkiz Hattara® DIN Rail smart gateway now combines KNX technology with io-homecontrol, EnOcean, RTS, Zigbee 3.0, Z-wave, Wifi, and Bluetooth radio communication protocols.

Simply adding a standard KNX module to the Hattara® DIN Rail, alongside existing radio modules, allows the various protocols to work together and streamlines the installation procedure for installers. Grouped together in a single home automation gateway, this wired/radio combination offers a serious benefit for developers and installers in the form of ease of use and major time savings for professionals in the field.

Adding radio equipment to an existing KNX system in renovations avoids the cost and complication of fully replacing existing wired systems. In new construction projects, this compatibility allows a mixed use of KNX and radio products, as early as the building design phase. No matter what, control is centralized in an all-in-one application.

Occupants are still free to create multiple smart scenarios, without needing the integrator’s help, to craft a more comfortable environment that works for everyone.

This new compatibility encompasses many brands, including B.E.G., Gira, Hager, Jung, Theben, and Siemens, and many product categories.

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