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ABB Offers Tenton 3-in-1 KNX Room Control Device

The right sensor saves energy, costs and time with three-in-one functionality

When it comes to building automation, achieving energy saving and cost reduction without sacrificing design depends heavily on the functionality and flexibility of products.

Modern building automation is an important component and a must have for operating private or commercial property efficiently and sustainably. Building automation technology provides clear monitoring of technical functional processes according to user specifications, and simplifies controls in order to achieve maximum savings, more comfort and security.

Energy savings through intelligent networking

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning are the components that often consume the most energy. Practical experience shows that human usage has a considerable influence on the energy consumption of buildings, because users are not always “energy-conscious”. Studies* depending on automation class, show that 29 to 41 percent energy savings are possible through building automation.

Flexibility and design as a requirement

In order to achieve the best possible results, user-friendly, high-quality and flexible systems and products are required. For example, smart sensors that regulate not only room temperature, but also regulate humidity and CO2, provide multiple functionality possibilities. The functionality and the flexibility provide several advantages: Not only does it have a positive effect on the optics when fewer devices are required, but also saves additional costs at the point of installation. In addition, sensors meet the high demands of design and individualization and can integrate harmoniously into any modern environment.

A high standard for the best results

When the right factors are in place for building automation, a flexible three-in-one sensor helps to increase energy efficiency to commercial and residential buildings making the work of system integrators easier. With high quality illuminated display, an elegant design and available in various color options, it fits perfectly into modern commercial and residential buildings, enabling architects and end users to combine form and function.

The attractive three-in-one ABB Tenton® sensor is suitable for worldwide use on both flush and surface mounting and meets the highest standards. Find out today how the ABB Tenton® sensor can control all room functions from HVAC to shading and lighting and CO2 / humidity sensor:

*Study of the ZVEI – German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association:

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