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KNX Association Announces up to 35% Reduction on ETS5 Professional in July

Summer is the right season for ETS, especially for those who are fast!

During the month of July you can receive up to 35% discount on a new ETS5 Professional license or an upgrade to it. But you need to be fast, as the reduction will decrease to 30%, 25% to finish at 20% as the month progresses.

The special code will give the reduction based on this timeline:

1 to 10 July: -35%
11 to 17 July: -30%
18 to 24 July: -25%
25 to 31 July: -20%


  • New ETS5 Professional
  • Update to ETS5 Professional
  • This offer cannot be combined with other actions or voucher
  • Reduction only valid on the regular prices

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