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Siemens Announces New Visualisation Controller Combining All-in-one Functions for Customised Room Comfort

– Increased security through encrypted data transmission and extended password protection
– Timer program for presence simulation
– Control of SONOS speakers and Philips HUE LED lighting system

IP Control Center (IPCC) N 152, Siemens Smart Infrastructure’s compact visualization controller designed to control standard rooms and complex building management functions in small and medium-sized commercial buildings, is now available with new V4 firmware. The updated IPCC combines more functionalities for customized system integration and installation as well as maximum building and data protection without having to rely on additional software. Extended security measures, such as encrypted data transmission and presence simulation as well as other functional options such as individual scene settings, have also been implemented. In addition, new interfaces enable the control of SONOS loudspeakers and the Philips HUE lighting system. As part of the GAMMA instabus building control portfolio, a range of products based on the international KNX standard, the new IPCC visualization controller makes it possible to control KNX devices faster and more easily. It provides intuitive operation and display of KNX systems on a customizable, fully graphical user interface for controlling standard room functions as well as complex building management functions from a central panel, PC or mobile device.

New application modules for more energy efficiency and security

The new V4 firmware update for the IPCC N 152 includes a comprehensive offering of application modules which were expanded with interfaces and important management services to ensure all necessary functions in one built-in device. For building management and security, the updated visualization controller offers several control functions within the timer program for energy efficient and safe room usage. Controlled lighting without manual operation during a prespecified time reduces energy consumption. The IP Control Center now supports encrypted HTTPS connections for secure transfer of data between the visualization controller and the browser on the display device. In addition, web page retrieval is authenticated using a security certificate. The compact visualization controller is able to use and visualize up to 1,250 KNX objects or group addresses for comprehensive building and room functions. The required access to the KNX system visualization is subject to the highest security standards to prevent third- party tampering. In addition to increased security options, room users can now control consumption with trend displays and utilize the recorded data to accurately monitor costs. Depending on the project, room users have two options for visualizing different disciplines: Smart visualization makes building management faster and shows floor plans on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets while the completely graphical visualization option offers control of all building functions with the possibility to see the complete digitalized room.

Customizable comfort settings

Room users can customize scene settings to ensure maximum comfort. A scene represents a specific room usage scenario, for example use as a meeting room. The scene module supports up to 5,000 scenes or events. Interfaces to SONOS speakers and Philips HUE make it possible to control music playback and lighting through the room automation system to achieve a personalized ambiance.

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