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Elsner Elektronik offers Suntracer KNX pro – the Weather Station for KNX professionals

Wind direction detection for optimum protection of buildings and technology

The weather station for the KNX building bus system records all relevant weather data for building control, including temperature, brightness, precipitation, wind speed, wind direction, humidity and pressure. Temperature (risk of frost), precipitation (moisture) and wind in particular are elementary for the protection of shades and furnishings. The corresponding alarm functions can be configured directly in the KNX application of Suntracer KNX pro so that shades are retracted timely and windows are closed.

The wind measurement is a special highlight. It is also responsible for the unusual shape of the weather station. Two ultrasonic measuring sections measure both wind speed and wind direction. If the wind direction is known in the KNX system, the facades exposed to the wind can be specifically protected and costly wind damage can be avoided. In the meanwhile, the automatic shading and ventilation is continued on the sides of the building facing away from the wind.

An advantage of the ultrasonic measuring method is the short reaction time in addition to the precise direction detection. The ring made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic ensures a turbulence-free air flow on the wind measuring sections. The filigree device is very resistant, as it is reinforced inside by stainless steel elements. A mast extension is included in the scope of delivery. It provides distance between sensors and surrounding components.

The brightness for the sun protection control is measured through the semitransparent plastic of the ring. Five differently aligned light sensors are used to detect the sun as completely as possible during the course of the day. This means that sun protection can be optimally controlled at any time. 12 facades can be automated with the Suntracer KNX pro, each with individual settings and limit values. The weather station calculates the position of the sun for the shading automation from the data of the integrated GPS receiver. The direction of the facade, shadows cast by neighbouring buildings or trees, the shadow edge up to which the sun may shine in the room and the position of the slats of blinds are taken into account in the facade control. For energy-optimised automation, the room temperature can also be taken into account if the data from the KNX system is available. The sun can be used as a free heat source in winter if the shading system is only closed after the desired temperature has been reached. Visual protection and time functions can be defined as well as travel positions and priorities of the protection and automatic commands.

In addition to the façade control, Suntracer KNX pro offers limit values for the individual measured values in the KNX software. The dew point is calculated from the temperature and humidity, which helps to prevent condensation. The integrated summer compensation for cooling helps to save energy by adjusting the target temperature at high outdoor temperatures. With the aid of 8 multifunction modules, data is converted in the KNX system, calculations are carried out or telegrams are sent if certain conditions are fulfilled. Building functions are linked in 8 AND and 8 OR logic modules.

With precise measurement technology and practice-oriented functions in the device software, the Suntracer KNX pro weather station is the professional KNX sensor for high-quality Smart Homes and Smart Buildings.

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