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My KNX Store Launches Promotional Sample Case

We are excited to announce the launch of our My KNX Store Promotional Sample Cases which have been specifically designed to support our customers and those working within the KNX industry when in the process of securing KNX projects.

My KNX Store Launches Promotional Sample Case

At My KNX Store we understand that allowing the client / end-user to get hands on with the products, see how they feel, how they work, the different configuration and inscription options available compared to just showcasing a product brochure can be the difference between winning or losing a project. This is where we can help.

In partnership with a selection of our leading suppliers each case includes a range of operational KNX pushbuttons and thermostats from ABB, Gira, Ekinex, Schneider and Jung showcasing a shortlist of product lines available within the KNX protocol. Functons such as lighting, blinds, heating, zonal and personalised scene control can be freely programmed for each project and adapted when the needs of the room, zone or building change.

Enclosed within each case is our bespoke My KNX Store Tech Pack which details the configuration of each device, the level of control, suitable backbox, bundle code and RRP along with a power cable allowing all devices to demonstrate the LED switch feedbacks and digital displays.

If a client / end-user likes a specific pushbutton or thermostat the relevant bundle code can be simply be added to your My KNX Store online basket and all required components will be automatically added to your order.

All cases are available on a free 14-working day lease agreement and will shortly be available for purchase if you would like a case of your own.

For more information, case availability and lease bookings call 0191 497 0777, email or visit

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