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ABB Electrifies Leading Italian Educational Institution

Inaugurated in October 2018, the new Campus in Lodi of University of Milan, ensures smarter, safer and more reliable power for over 2,400 students and staff with low and medium-voltage solutions from ABB.

From switchgear to circuit breakers, a range of low- and medium-voltage solutions from ABB have been selected by the new University Campus of Lodi to guarantee the safe and efficient operation of its electrical systems.

Covering an area of 20,000 square meters, the campus, which is famous for its Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, has installed ABB’s UniSec switchgear and ABB’s main distribution switchboard solution, System pro E power.

Chosen for its superior performance and functionality, UniSec air-insulated switchgear offers the ultimate in safety, reliability, flexibility and easy integration for secondary power distribution application. The reduced number of components and their standardization minimizes maintenance requirements and guarantees the safety of personnel in all circumstances.

The campus also features more than 500 electrical panels and switchboards using ABB’s pro E power and MISTRAL 41 consumer units. With rated current up to 6,300A and short-circuit current up to 120kA, System pro E power is designed to meet all electrical installation requirements and operates in perfect synergy with ABB’s low-voltage equipment.

Meanwhile, the MISTRAL 41 consumer units are made of Halogen-Free thermoplastic material and meet the latest regulatory requirements. The wide range of sizes (up to 72 modules), meant that it can cover all the needs of the Campus

The new facility also includes ABB’s latest generation open circuit breakers, SACE Emax 2, which have been digitally enabled with the addition of ABB’s Ekip Power Controller and Measuring modules, part of ABB AbilityTM, the company’s unified, cross-industry digital offering.

With the Ekip Measuring module connected internally to SACE Emax 2, voltage, power and energy measurements are made directly by the device, while with the second element, the Ekip Power Controller, the loads are managed in order to optimize power consumption.

Alessandro Palin, Managing Director for ABB’s Distribution Solutions business adds: “Our focus is on delivering solutions that ensure a smarter, safer and more reliable flow of electricity from the substation to the point of consumption. We were therefore delighted to be able to achieve that on campus, meeting all of their low- and medium-voltage needs.”

ABB has even met all wiring accessory needs with its modern, technically outstanding Chiara range and has supplied solutions for the control of more than 2,000 lighting points and 700 roller blinds with its ABB i-bus® KNX system. KNX has been chosen by the electrical planner for its reliability and for the support that ABB is able to guarantee in the execution of large plants. Based on the worldwide KNX standard, ABB i-bus® KNX greatly simplifies monitoring and building maintenance.

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