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Zennio Offers ZMU-AUIR KNX Bluetooth Audio Controller for Hotel Rooms

The AudioInRoom (ZMU-AUIR) is Zennio’s newest KNX Bluetooth Audio Controller.

Aimed at hotel rooms, the ZMU-AUIR allows guests to play music from their own smartphone through Bluetooth connection or from an auxiliary audio input (such as TV).

The ZMU-AUIR has two stereo channels, so that you can enable/disable, mute or adjust volume in two independent areas. Bluetooth pairing is restricted using a password to make sure the guest is connecting to the audio system in their room.

Accessories: loudspeakers 6.5” Ø 8 Ohm or 3.5” Ø 4 Ohm.


External 24VDC power supply.
Auxiliary audio line input.
Bluetooth connection with up to 2 paired devices.
Bluetooth version 4.2 supported.
Two amplified mono or stereo outputs
Total data saving on KNX bus failure.
Integrated KNX BCU.
Dimensions 165 x 44 x 23mm.
Surface-mounted inside non-metallic panels or boxes.
Conformity with the CE directives (CE-mark on the front side).

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