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ABB Offers IP Router Secure Using Latest KNX Secure Technology to Safeguard Building Data

IP router is first to protect KNX installations from cyberattacks and deliver a more robust KNX network.

With an increasing trend towards integration of smarter buildings into IP networks, ABB has become one of the first KNX manufacturers to offer a more secure router with the launch of the new ABB i-bus® KNX IP Router Secure (IPR/S 3.5.1).

Further enhancing the security of the industry standard KNX protocol, the new ABB router encrypts all communication across a building’s IP backbone and also secures the commissioning, thereby reducing the risk of an attack over the IP network. It aims for the highest possible security on the market, based on the encryption standard ISO/IEC 18033-3 AES 128.

Axel Kaiser, Global Product Manager of ABB’s Building Automation business, said: “Security is one of the key decision factors when it comes to smart buildings with the most likely source of attack on a KNX installation from over the IP network. In smart buildings such as hotels and offices, most of the threats come from unauthorized access on the IP network. It is important to recognize that this threat can come from anywhere within the building (Intranet) as well as from outside (Internet), causing significant and costly damage. With the ABB i-bus® KNX IP Router Secure, non-approved users cannot access the KNX network via IP and this therefore guards against threats and bolsters the overall health of the KNX network.”

Franz Kammerl, President of the KNX Association added: “Terminals, interfaces, radio standards and communication protocols: vulnerabilities can potentially be found everywhere. Therefore, smart homes and buildings should be secured with the most comprehensive and recognised safety standard, which is also unique in the world in this area: KNX Secure.”

Extending ABB’s portfolio of powerful and reliable system devices, the ABB i-bus® KNX IP Router Secure offers a range of features including: KNXnet/IP Secure Routing for a secure communication on the IP backbone and KNXnet/IP Secure Tunneling for up to five clients such as ETS or visualizations; an option for Unicast communication and easy commissioning with Engineering Tools Software (ETS).

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