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PEAKnx Presents Controlmini KNX Touch Panel

PEAKnx, Darmstadt-based home and building automation solutions manufacturer, introduces a newly developed elegant touch panel for utilisation in smart homes: the Controlmini. This new device premièred at this year’s Light + Building. Featuring a high-grade finish, the Controlmini is a fully-fledged computer containing certified industrial components. Run on Windows 10 Professional, it features direct KNX bus, USB and Ethernet connections. In conjunction with a visualisation software the Controlmini can be used in the area of room or building control, as a status and information display or as an intercom on doors.

High-performer with long service life

The Controlmini contains a 4 GB random access memory. With full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, its 11.6 inch LED LCD display screen is ideal for multimedia applications. On the Controlmini, integrators can install any appropriate standard visualisation software so that all room functions such as lighting, heating or blind system operation could be displayed. The touch panel has no need for breakdown-prone fan cooling – instead, a special aluminium frame structure dissipates any heat which may build up. The industrial components used in the panel are also replaceable in the long term.

Suitable for any living environment

Thanks to exchangeable glass covers with a freely selectable design, the Controlmini easily blends into any interior. The panel is also available in a surface-mount version, giving a touch of elegance at a mere 24 millimetres deep with its glass and surface mount frame. With a PEAKnx adapter the panel is compatible with Gira flush-mount switch boxes (Control 9, Infoterminal Touch). In addition to a large number of pre- configured design ideas, the PEAKnx panel designer also gives the option of creating a customised design based on personal preferences and desires.

Pleasant to touch, easy to operate

Thanks to its size, users can read the Controlmini’s touchscreen easily from any direction. Made of glass, aluminium and stainless steel, the operating controls are extraordinarily pleasant to touch.

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