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JUNG Makes Smart Visu Server Even Smarter

The simple visualisation
Comprehensive update – more convenience

A comprehensive update now makes the Smart Visu Server even smarter. The new features increase not only the convenience but also the security. Now the user can adapt their Smart Home further to their individual needs.

A significant argument is the secure remote access. Using encrypted data transmission, the Smart Home can be controlled remotely from any location with the secure remote access. A one-time registration at is necessary to use the function. This way the users can
check at a glance, and from anywhere in the world, whether they have accidentally left the lighting on, or they can lower the shutters at home when it gets dark. The possibility of the presence simulation also serves the security aspect. With programmed light and shading control according to a schedule, it gives the impression to potential burglars of the presence of the resident, even when nobody is home.

The new Astro function increases the convenience. With this, the shading and lighting control is carried out dependent on the position of the sun. The switching times will thus be automatically adjusted to the changing sun positions in the course of the year. With the JUNG Smart Visu Server app available for iOS and Android, the user has direct access to their JUNG Smart Visu Server and with it to the KNX visualisation.

Landing pages, background colour, font size and other content can be individually adapted for each device. An optimised display and operation on virtually all smart devices is ensured by displaying the Smart Visu Home user interface in a responsive design.


– The Smart Visu Home user interface ensures an optimum representation and operation on virtually all smart devices in a responsive design.
– The new update makes the Smart Visu Server even smarter. The new features increase convenience and security.

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