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Theben Offers VARIA 826 S WH KNX Multi-Functional Display with Room Thermostat

Ideally suited to modern decor, Theben offers the elegant VARIA multifunction display and control unit in flat glass design in a flush-mounted socket. All room functions such as heating, air conditioning, ventilation, lighting and sun protection are easily controlled and operated using VARIA. Up to seven pages can be displayed and, if necessary, adapted to individual requirements.


– Multi-functional display with room thermostat
– Glass front in white or black
– Freely configurable for displaying and controlling functions e.g. light settings, sun protection systems
– Backlit display and integrated time switch
– For control and regulation of heating, fan coils, air conditioning systems
– Up to 7 different display pages
– Automatic summer/winter time adjustment with power reserve
– Controls up to 8 rooms via own temperature profiles
– Weekly time switch with 8 channels with up to 3 different statuses, e.g. for light, shutters, fans etc.
– 3 heating programs
– Alternative continuous or on/off control
– Operation modes: comfort, stand-by, temperature reduction at night, frost protection
– Weather data from Theben weather stations can be displayed
– Free choice of programming via the ETS without plug-in
– Installation in flush-mounted socket

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