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Bleu Comm Azur Updates its realKNX App for Plug & Play Voice Control and Augmented Reality

Bleu Comm Azur is proud to announce a major update of realKNX offering plug&play voice control with augmented reality.

realKNX extends proServ with these powerful features:

– Voice control through Siri® to control KNX devices.
– Geo-fencing and automation
– Augmented reality
– Data logging
– Scheduling
– Sonos driver
– Email alarm
– VPN server

realKNX – KNX for HomeKit

realKNX for Homekit is an application that makes KNX compatible to HomeKit using the realKNX package.

The realKNX package consists of proServ, a native KNX product that is completely configured in the ETS software using a KNX product database. No export of group addresses or other complicated software is necessary to configure the communication with the HomeKit world of Apple. This application will read the configuration and will make it available to the multiple Home-Applications on iPhone, iPad and AppleWatch. It is real Plug’nPlay, it is realKNX.

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