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ABB’s KNX System Provides Comfort to Element Hotel Guests in Amsterdam

Combining ABB i-bus® KNX and plug and play enclosures provides comfort for hotel residents and ease of installation for installers.

The Gelderlandplein in Amsterdam is a former office block now turned shopping mall, restaurant, apartment building and hotel.

The hotel is Amsterdam’s Element and has received recognition for leadership in energy and environmental design (LEED) as a result of a partnership between Steegman Elektrotechniek BV and ABB.

“We were commissioned to install automation into the hotel, including the cabling, etc.,” said René Toll, installer at Steegman. “But there was very little time to make this happen, so to speed things up we opted for a plug and play enclosure system in combination with KNX. ABB is the only company able to provide such a combination.”

Energy-efficient rooms

Comfort and energy efficiency are ensured with the ABB i-bus® KNX Room Controller in every room connected to the main central heating system. If the motion detector registers movement, the heating and lighting is switched on. When a person leaves the room, then the lights are switched off and the heating drops by a few degrees. A system that uses just enough power and no more, can save around 10 percent in energy costs.

Error-free installation

“We entered into a partnership with ABB because the building developer had prescribed the ABB i-bus® KNX Room Controller for the hotel rooms,” said René enthusiastically. “And ABB could provide KNX compatible plug and play enclosures. This combination means less time and fewer mistakes during installation because the plugs and sockets in the enclosures only fit if they are inserted correctly.”

ABB offers the solution

According to René, working with ABB has more advantages than just being able to combine KNX components with plug and play enclosures.

“ABB has a wide range of solutions and can provide the entire package,” said René. “ABB can also supply Busch-Jaeger switchgear, giving us the advantage that all electrical components were delivered by one company. This helps reduce risk and keeps the solution on budget.”

Amiable cooperation

ABB was able to provide a tailored solution for our specific needs, which means we were able to deliver exactly what our client wanted on-time and on budget.

“Our collaboration with ABB was a great success,” said René. “We have been very satisfied with ABB in all areas from quotation to aftercare.”

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