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Siemens Introduces New Universal KNX Dimmer to its Gamma instabus Range

· High-performance dimmer for LEDs and other dimmable loads
· No minimum load required
· Two load outputs in a compact housing
· Four operating modes, operating hours counter and status indicator

Siemens has added a new Universal Dimmer to its Gamma instabus range. In addition to standard dimmable lamps, this high-performance KNX dimmer is able to control dimmable LED retrofit lamps. Dimmable LEDs can light building areas with varying intensity. The scene control integrated into the new Universal Dimmer from Siemens allows brightness levels for different situations to be saved and recalled for later use. The Universal Dimmer dims 230V LEDs in accordance with lamp manufacturer specifications. Communication via the KNX standard, which networks all building system components, expands the potential uses of dimmable lamps. The new Universal Dimmer is particularly suited for high-end residential applications, hotel rooms, and formal spaces in commercial buildings as well as for product presentation applications in the retail industry.

The Universal Dimmer supports leading edge or trailing edge control for resistive inductive and capacitive loads. The device features automatic load detection and does not require a minimum load. It has two channels for a maximum output load of 300 watts each, or one channel for a maximum output load of 500 watts, and is powered by the KNX bus voltage.

In case of overheating, overload or a short circuit, the Universal Dimmer turns itself off. For each channel, the device has an LED status indicator for on, off, short circuit, overload and overtemperature. Other functions include four operating modes (normal mode, 1-level timer mode, 2-level timer mode, flashing), scene control and an operating hours counter. ETS, version ETS4 and higher, can be used to set parameters and commission the device.

Conventional incandescent/halogen lamps and compact fluorescent lamps in residential applications, as well as compact fluorescent lamps and fluorescent tubes in commercial applications, are being gradually replaced with energy-saving LED lamps, most of which are dimmable. Compared to conventional luminaires, LEDs use significantly less energy and offer a much longer service life.

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