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Theben Introduces thePiccola Mini Presence and Motion Detectors

With the new thePiccola mini presence and motion detectors, Theben present a particularly compact series for movement and brightness dependent lighting control in medium-sized detection areas.

Thanks to its just 45 mm wide sensor head with a 360º and max. 8 m diameter detection area, the new thePiccola mini presence and motion detectors are perfect for use in smaller rooms in functional buildings and homes, as well as workplaces, toilets, storage rooms or corridors. The elegant design means that thePiccola fits in perfectly with the award-winning styles of the other ThebenHTS motion and presence detectors such as thePrema, theRonda and theMova. Both thePiccola P and thePiccola S presence detectors look the same and guarantee that they will blend in wherever they are. High-performance relay with tungsten pre-contact for switching high switch-on current levels in LED loads.

thePiccola is available for ceiling installation with spring terminals and offers many of the functions featured by the larger ThebenHTS presence and motion detectors: The time delay and brightness threshold value can be set manually on the device itself. With the teach-in function, users can also quickly and easily establish when the detector is to switch on. With the test function, the correct setting of the detection area can even be tested in daylight. Thanks to the pulse function, thePiccola can be easily integrated into existing electrical installations with stair light time switches or KNX binary inputs without having to make expensive changes.

If the detection area covered by a single motion detector is insufficient (the Piccola S only), for example in hallways, aisles or corridors, then several detectors can be operated in parallel by connecting the S and L’ terminals. Presence detection is performed by all detectors together. The master measures brightness and controls the lighting. The other detectors (slaves) only provide presence information via the L’ terminal.

With thePiccola P presence detectors, lighting can be manually switched on and off at the push of a button. If the light is switched on manually, it stays on as long as people are present (plus time delay). After that the light goes into the set automatic mode. If the light is switched off manually, it stays off as long as people are present (plus time delay). Then the light goes back to automatic mode.

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