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DMC Technology and Krika Partner to Develop KrikaNX KNX Supervision Tool

Partnership of two experimented firms to offer System Integrators around the world a unique tool

DMC Technology and Krika are proud to announce a partnership with a view to design a new supervision tool as an upgrade of Krika actual features: KrikaNX. This unique and exclusive tool will trace the behaviour of all devices connected to a KNX network and notify System Integrators in case of any relevant occurrence.

This tool will help System Integrators and AV Pros to stand one step ahead of any occurrence. KrikaNX will noticeably provide them with a technology-breaking opportunity to get:

– Accurate control over the system
– Strengthened customer loyalty by offering additional services
– Acquire new skills through a tool delivering a wide range of statistics and charts
– Mastery of their time by being able to schedule the right technician with the right spare at the right moment
– and last but not least Boost their revenues by offering proactive and profit-making service contracts.

Development will accelerate right after CEDIA 2015 with a focus to achieve and launch the KrikaNX by early 2016. Come to visit DMC Technology on the KNX Association at CEDIA 2015, booth 7206.

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