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JUNG Offers KNX REG Energy Sensor for Effective Energy Management

Smarter energy sensors for measurement and monitoring

The JUNG KNX REG energy sensor for dedicated measurement and monitoring of energy consumption has three channels to which loads may be connected. For each channel, voltage, current, effective power and reactive power are determined to a high degree of precision, which is also supported by the built-in 4-quadrant meter. This way measurement precision is ensured, right down to the smallest consumptions and standby performances. For load management in industry, the additional option of 1/4-hourly energy metering has proven itself to be advantageous in optimising energy consumption. A total of 32 counters with limit values are available with the KNX energy sensor. These can be used for different energy management purposes: as tariff counters for example, with the readout of consumption costs given as a data point on the KNX.

A constant eye on energy consumption

Visualisation of the data received, the energy monitoring, is given on the JUNG KNX Smart Display. Here, the values can be stored over months and years and presented by means of clear graphics and statistics. This enables users to identify any possible savings potentials at a glance and to optimise their deployment of energy accordingly. This easily enables considerable energy savings to be achieved in both private and commercial buildings.

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