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ThinKnx Presents its Brickbox Universal Modular KNX Gateway at ISE 2015

ThinKnx will exhibit at Integrated System Europe 2015 and will take advantage of this great event to show the newest feature of ThinKnx supervision system and to introduce the latest product entered in its product range, Brickbox.

Brickbox has been created to permit the connection to the KNX plant of devices that do not support KNX protocol natively. Its core functioning consists of a smart gateway that embeds all the advanced integrations of Thinknx supervision system in a very simple and modular way.

Using Brickbox it is possible to bidirectionally control audio sources like Sonos and Nuvo, multimedia devices and IRTrans, security panels and systems based on other bus like ModBus, SCS (Bticino MyHome), ethernet or serial. It can be used as data collector (logger) or system integrity verifier (pinger).

Inside every Brickbox are also services like sceneries, generic gateway, push notifications, sms, logic functions etc. as part of the Thinknx supervision system.

To get more information about Brickbox and other ThinKnx products meet us at ISE, hall 12, booth C92.

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