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iGuzzini Offers Master Pro Evo KNX Weather Station

The weather station detects and processes the signals of the analogue sensors such as wind speed, light level, twilight, precipitation and a DCF-77 signal. Up to four analogue sensors and the DCF-77 weather combi-sensor can be connected in any combination.

For installation on DIN rails EN 50022. The bus is connected via a special connecting terminal; a data rail is not necessary.

If DCF-77 weather combi-sensors are used, a ready-configured setting is available in the software. The values measured are converted by a weather station into 1 byte/2 byte telegrams (value EIS 6/5). This allows the bus devices (viewing software, measured value displays) to access control processes, generate signals or control weather dependent processes.

Programming is carried out using the ETS application for the weather station. Two limit values per sensor (not for rain).

Connection to multiple wind sensors. Up to 14 signals can be assessed. Evaluation of DCF-77 time signal (date and time).

Astro function. Logic operation controller for application of limit-value-dependent actions (even external). Shading of individual facade segments. Combi-sensors signal monitoring with object for subsequent protective measures. Wind sensors signal control for calculation with object for subsequent protective measures. Selective shading of facades (for 4 facades) with adjustment of basic light level, facade alignment, angle of opening relative to the sun. External objects for modifying basic light level, angle of opening and limit values. Alarm bytes.
Auxiliary voltage: 24V AC (+/-10 %)
Analogue inputs: 4
Current interface: 0 – 20 mA, 4 – 20 mA Voltage interface: 0 – 1V, 0 – 10V Outputs: 24V DC, 100 mA
Device width: 4 modules = approx. 72 mm

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