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KNX France Invites Local Installers to ETS5 Conference in Lyon

Following the release of the new generation of ETS less than a month ago, KNX France took the initiative of organizing a conference in the suburbs of Lyon focusing on ETS5.

The KNX France President, Mr. de Carné opened the conference by informing the more than 80 attendants on the activities of KNX France. Mr. Napar of Siemens then gave an insight into the topic of energy efficiency in buildings, the consequences of French regulations related to this subject and the role KNX can play in this.

Mr. Demarest, CTO of KNX Association was subsequently invited to report on recent activities of the international organization, the growth figures of the KNX community, the revamped eCampus and Online Shop (now called myKNX) and to explain the technical reasons behind the support of KNX RF S-Mode devices now in the ETS5.

Mr. Klotz from the KNX certified training center of LECS, then went into the new features of ETS5 in more detail, a presentation that was highly appreciated by the audience and resulted in quite a number of detailed questions. A demonstration was given to show how with a KNX RF USB, traffic of a mixed TP/RF installation can be monitored, without the need for a physical connection between the installation and the PC.

Following the success of this conference, the decision was taken to organize more in the course of 2015 in other regions of France.

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