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JUNG Ships its Switch Classic LS 990 in Les Couleurs Le Corbusier

Worldwide and exclusively JUNG is offering its Switch Classic, LS 990 in the 63 original Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier colours. Fifteen standard colours are available today, in a range of wiring accessories from 1-2 gang switches and British Standard sockets through to the F50 range of KNX controllers.

Jung Switch Classic LS 990 in Les Couleurs Le Corbusier

The surfaces are a beautiful silky matt which are not only a joy to touch but will add a new visual enhancement to your space. This has not been possible with wiring and controlled accessories until now.

Système Les Couleurs colours are multifarious, distinctive and full of life. They exhibit an enormous intensity without appearing flamboyant, and so cast a spell on any beholder. Their emphatic character, radiance and depth, shape our coloured spaces and objects in an inimitable and magnificent fashion.

Whether you have chosen simple rocker switches or KNX controllers, you are now able to enhance the spaces you are controlling and inspire the designer in all of us.

Interior designers and architects can combine these wiring accessories with Les Couleurs® partner companies who offer carpet, wall finishes and paint to achieve a perfectly designed space.

Pricing and Availability

Fifteen standard colours available now, for pricing please contact BEMCO on +44 20 8874 0404.

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