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STEINEL Professional Offers Innovative and Versatile KNX Presence Detectors

STEINEL Professional designs and builds components allowing systems to function perfectly. With technologies offering maximum support for interconnected planning and building automation.

For many years, STEINEL Professional has therefore been working closely with leading system providers to optimise the products in line with their needs. As a result, STEINEL Professional can always provide the optimum sensor required for the application in question.

The potential energy savings are enormous when technical building services are interconnected via KNX. KNX sensors from STEINEL Professional can be integrated throughout the building system quickly and easily. In combination with other integrated actuators from a vast array of manufacturers, they reduce energy consumption significantly.

A KNX-based installation with sensors from STEINEL Professional ensures high flexibility and assurance for the future. In this way, the building remains attractive and maintains its value in the long term.

KNX sensors from STEINEL Professional feature an impressive variety of intelligent functions. The installed sensor technology is above-average. Tailored to the needs of electricians, they are outstandingly easy to install. All settings for the STEINEL detectors are easy to modify and configure by BUS. The control panel or app is exceedingly convenient for making settings. Setting the required values is particularly simple thanks to their intuitive operation. One advantage is that maintenance costs are cut significantly. Changes can be made in no time at all without actually having to be in attendance.

KNX product solutions from STEINEL Professional

The iHF 3D KNX from STEINEL Professional is an innovative detector for outdoor use and a genuine world first. This active system uses the newly developed, intelligent high-frequency technology. It can even distinguish between moving objects and moving people.

The innovative 3D aerial technology allows the detection zone to be adjusted precisely on 3 axes. It detects everything equally well regardless of the direction from which it is approached.

The HPD 1 KNX is the first presence detector in the world that not only detects the people present in a room, but can also count them regardless of whether or not they are moving. An integrated ultramodern image recognition system with real-time processing supplies the control system with the information as to how many people are in the room. Genuine image data is not available as an output.

For building automation, it opens up completely new possibilities. By taking into account the number of people present, light, heating and air-conditioning are controlled more precisely in line with needs.

The Presence Control PRO IR Quattro HD KNX is the central product in the Control PRO family. 4,800 switching zones, a square coverage area and patented mechanical scalability make it a truly first-class device with an actual presence detection area of 64 square metres.

With the special aisle sensor Presence Control PRO DUAL HF KNX, STEINEL Professional offers the first-ever system that monitors a corridor in both directions, using two special HF sensors mounted on the ceiling. The sensor’s maximum reach of 10 x 3 metres in each direction is infinitely and electronically adjustable.

The IR Quattro SLIM KNX is an extremely flat, barely visible presence detector with an overall height of just 4 millimetres. Its specially developed retina lens ensures perfect detection despite the low overall height.

The range of presence detectors also includes the Presence Control PRO IR Quattro KNX, a high-performance passive infrared presence detector and basic version of the Control PRO system. The Presence Control PRO HF 360 KNX – the first presence detector to use HF technology – rounds off the Control PRO System.

All presence detectors in the Control PRO family have 4 light channels for intelligent lighting control.

Such functions as basic light level or constant light are easy to control via the KNX BUS. The presence detectors feature an HVAC output and an additional presence output. The brightness value can be conveniently exported via the data line. A 30V mains connection is provided through the KNX BUS voltage.

The sensIQ S KNX from the sensiQ family is a simple, all-purpose motion detector for all areas of use in and on buildings. It is distinguished by 1,360 switching zones, precisely scalable detection in three directions and an angle of coverage of up to 300°. The sensIQ S KNX also includes a light channel for intelligent lighting control. The soft start function and the basic light level are simply controlled via the BUS. Along with a close-up range output and photo-cell controller output, this all-purpose motion detector also includes an additional presence output. The sensIQ S KNX also permits the light level to be exported.

Building automation only works perfectly if every component also works perfectly. That is why STEINEL Professional gives a 5-year guarantee on all KNX sensors with certified quality.

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