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Home Systems Consulting Introduces HSYCO 3.3 – a Complete Integrated Control Solution for Home and Building Automation

Home Systems Consulting S.p.A. develops state-of-the-art solutions for home and building automation systems. Combining a clever design and unparalleled integration of leading technologies, we upgrade buildings to a different level of comfort, security and energy efficiency.

At Light + Building 2014 Home Systems Consulting introduced the new HSYCO 3.3, a pure Java and HTML5 supervision server for the development of integrated multi-vendor control systems.

HSYCO is a Web based tool for the development of integrated control systems for: KNX, Modbus, BACnet, Dali, DMX, Duemmegi, MyHome, Tridonic, Airzone, Daikin, Mitsubishi, Fcc Planterm, Messana Ray Magic, Giakoclima, Advantech, Atop, Arteco, Electrex, Elsner, Erco-Gener. HWGroup, IME, Legrand, Schneider Electric, Sierra Wireless, Socomec, Axis, Panasonic, Mobotix, Sony, Samsung, Vivotek, Aritech, Bentel, El.Mo., Guardall, Honeywell Galaxy Dimension, Inim, Paradox, Tecnoalarm, Honeywell Notifier, Interlogix, Hephais SD3, Squeezebox, NetStreams, NuVo, Aton, AMX, Denon, Epson, Rotel, Yamaha, Atlona, Octava, Wyrestorm, irTrans, Power One, Carlo Gavazzi, Ekahau, HID, 2N, Snom, Teldat, Oikos Fragrances.

HSYCO enables the local and remote control of every automation subsystem through a user-friendly Web interface, which is customisable and accessible through the most common wireless devices. HSYCO is designed for any device running a modern Web browser, from traditional Windows, Mac and Linux PCs to Smart TVs, Touch Screens, iOS, Android or Windows 8 Smartphone and Tablets.

An innovative and powerful text to speech functionality adds unparalleled flexibility and usability to the control interface and, thanks to the HSYCO engine integration capabilities, unleashes the design of unseen sophisticated control application that add an edge to security, safety, comfort and entertainment.

HSYCO remote access functionality is easy, fast and secure.

The combination of HSYCO and the wireless portable devices creates a highly developed and elegant control solution at a competitive price.

The new HSYCO 3.3 introduces several enhancements to the Web user interface, with full gestures support and advanced controls on most browsers, smartphones and tablets. Developers will be able to create richer interfaces that, while having more functions, are much faster and easier to use.

HSYCO 3.3 also offers a completely redefined set of tools to simplify KNX integration, including an ETS4 import utility and automatic KNX device discovery functions. It is now much easier and faster to integrate complex devices, like thermostats and automation devices. These tools are all part of the KNX Utility application in the MANAGER, the HSYCO’s Web based configuration center, that works on any modern Web browser, including tablets. A huge convenience for on-field configuration.

HSYCO offers fully integrated support of the JavaScript programming language. There are several millions active JavaScript developers worldwide. Using HSYCO’s Web-based editor, a developer who is familiar with the JavaScript language can easily write complex control applications for KNX systems and any of the more than 60 standard and proprietary environments that HSYCO supports. Thanks to HSYCO, JavaScript and KNX represent a fantastic combination of worldwide established standards, creating new exciting opportunities for the next generation of home and building automation systems.

HSYCO 3.3 expands Modbus support with Modbus RTU and a new Modbus/TCP server, adds new I/O drivers to integrate additional products, and implements several new development tools within the HSYCO MANAGER, including the WIRING EDITOR, an easy to use end-user logic and scenarios builder.

And for the “Makers” Community, HSYCO now interfaces smoothly with Arduino.

Why is HSYCO different!

• Extreme Integration: cooperative interaction of all field systems, unique, graphical control interface
• Standard Systems, Consumer Electronics, Internet of Things: lower cost, more flexibility, wide choice of technologies and devices
• Web Based Graphical Interface: easy to use, fully customisable, state-of- the-art functionalities
• Secure Web Access: smooth and secure interaction with your smart building from any device, from everywhere
• Reliability and Scalability: Redundant and Hierarchical configurations, for uninterrupted service even on the most critical or large installations
• Open Development Environment: a full set of web based development tools, a professional development environment, Javascript support and a full set of Java methods enable our professional partner to create their own, branded integrated control solutions

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