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BAS, BMS, EMS, BOS – Uncovering the Smart Building Platform Webinar

Hosted By Realcomm and Frost & Sullivan

Live Webinar
Wednesday, March, 26 2014
12:30 – 2:00 pm EDT

Uncovering the Smart Building Platform

We’re starting to see widespread acceptance of the concept of a smart, connected building. While considering a comprehensive plan that involves operations, energy, sustainability and occupant systems, there are myriad challenges but the opportunities of connectivity, integration and interoperability are extraordinary. This growing complexity calls for a central ‘operating system’ to manage the gathering and exchange of data. While existing Building Automation Systems (BAS) are getting the job done today, many are wondering what’s next. This session will examine the evolution from BAS to BOS. Attendees will learn which core fundamentals are critical for success.

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