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Weinzierl Launches New Website

KNX Developer Weinzierl has launched a completely revised and redesigned website for its KNX products and solutions. The company offers certified system software not only for Twisted Pair (TP 1), but also for Powerline (PL110), radio (KNX-RF) and Ethernet (KNXnet / IP). Its system software is available both as a standalone product and as a base for custom equipment development.

The new website has been designed to be more convenient and user-friendly. In addition to information about the Weinzierl team and company under the item ABOUT US, visitors can have a convenient overview of all the company’s products and solutions at ALL KNX. The new DOWNLOAD section provides all the important documents and information about Weinzierl products on one page, and in the NEWS section visitors can read about everything important that has happened in the company.

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