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Group Alelek Presents First KNX Trade Fair in Benelux 
on November 13

Group Alelek, in colaboration with leading manufacturers, is organising the first KNX home automation fair in Belgium. Anyone with an interest in KNX is welcome to this free exhibition to discover new products, acquire knowledge, and network.

Unique exhibition

The exhibition is aimed at KNX integrators, programmers, installers, AV integrators, design offices, architects, students, etc., in short, anyone with an interest in KNX. This event focuses solely on this fast-growing open standard in home and building automation. The new partners and evolutions follow each other in quick succession. It will provide the opportunity to discover the latest products and applications, to gain knowledge, and to network.

Twenty manufacturers and distributors will take part at the event at C-mine in Genk. And during the fair, you will have the opportunity to visit the Mine site itself.

Do not miss this unique free event. Sign up today at, where you will also find further information about the exhibition.

The second unique initiative for KNX in Belgium

It is not the first time that Group Alelek, a family run business, presents a unique initiative. Two years ago the wholesaler opened the KNX Experience Home in the centre of Antwerp, as a multifunctional platform for a experiencing KNX in a real setting.

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