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Zennio Offers Custom Service for Touch-MyDesign Capactive Switch

Touch-MyDesign is a capacitive switch that allows customers to fully incorporate their own design by using icons, backgrounds or minimalist high-resolution photographs, thanks to the new printing system for Zennio’s high-strength tempered glass. It gives complete freedom of customisation, transforming each Touch-MyDesign in a unique and exclusive device, where the user chooses his/her own iconography, images, texts, vertical or horizontal position, number of touchbuttons and functions to be executed.

You design it, we produce it for you.

Touch-MyDesign includes one temperature sensor and a powerful thermostat that can control up to 4 stages of cooling. In addition, the device has 5 LEDS in the switch itself that can be used as additional buttons allowing the user to assign direct functions such as adjusting the temperature, lighting, and so forth.

Touch-MyDesign is especially attractive to the professional sector of builders, architects, interior designers, engineers, and integrators for their ability to fuse advanced automation, design philosophy of interaction, and personal interior concept.

Touch-MyDesign fully adapts itself to any project and space, whether a home, a building or a hotel, because the device is defined and designed entirely by the customer through the online application that Zennio facilitates in its website:

At Zennio, we want to ensure that inside your home, building, or hotel, everything begins with a genuine viewing experience and ends with a pleasant tactile one through a brush of your fingers that can control lights, blinds, and air conditioning while combining comfort and energy saving.

Main functionality

Total control: In each touch creen installed in the room, the user can control grouped (scenes) lights (on, off and dimming), blinds, TV and air conditioning, operating each of the devices in a group or individually.

Presence control: Thanks to the use of detectors in rooms the system recognizes whether the rooms is occupied or not and it can then proceed to the saving by entering into sleep or stand-by states until a new occupation.

Energy Saving: Touch-MyDesign prevents against unnecessary spending by disconnecting climate conditioning services when the doors or windows of the room are not closed properly.

Scenes: Touch-MyDesign allows coordinated actions of the facilities to create suitable environments to accent lighting and contrast different points where the user performs special tasks of interest, by controlling lights and blinds. Touch-MyDesign also allows to define welcoming or relaxing scenes for instance by the entering into the room or with a single touch on the keypad.

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