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Zennio Announces Version 2.0 of its InZennio Z41 Colour Touch Panel

New version InZennio Z41 2.0: More functionalities and flexibility for your color touch panel

It is now available the new version InZennio Z41 2.0 at Zennio’s website. By updating the color touch panel InZennio Z41 (ZN1VI-TP41C) you will be able to extend the functionalities, get new icons or monitor energy consumption.

The new version provides the user great flexibility on the device, since it has 6 free configuration pages which can include up to 8 direct controls and/or indicators. Thus, it is now possible to group controls and indicators in pages in a totally intuitive way according to the desired functionality of users (i.e. lighting, shutters, climate control, energy consumption, and so on) or the room(s) to be controlled (i.e. kitchen, living-room, bedroom, dining-room, and so forth).

The new navigation menu allows the access to any page in a fast-track way, which can be identified easily thanks to new icons. This novelty allows users to access directly to the desired page through a customized menu according to their needs.

Apart from the controls and indicators available in the previous version, the update of the touch panel Z41 also allows the user to extend the functionalities of the keypad with the following new options:

– Selection of colors for RGB and RGBW LEDs control.

– Visualization of energy consumption indicators. Monitoring of consumption over the day, week, month and year, making users able to improve the energy efficiency of their home, hotel or building.

– Numerical indicators and graphics to monitor temperature values, luminosity or any other 1-byte or 2-bytes objects.

– Daily and weekly timers to execute events at the time defined by the user, only once or daily, or as a countdown.

– Alarm log indicators where the alarm status and user confirmation are stored.

The new features of InZennio Z41 guarantee the continuous progress of smart homes, buildings and hotels, making possible the control of lights, shutters and climate with a simple touch while maintaining the maximum comfort and savings by using energy in a more efficient way.

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