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Cytech Introduces C-Bus to KNX Translator

Cytech’s COMFORT INTELLIGENT HOME SYSTEM is the only integrated Alarm and home automation system that can be connected to Schneider’s C-Bus and KNX at the same time using dedicated C-Bus and KNX interfaces. The new C-Bus to KNX Translator (CBUSKNX01) is a stand-alone gateway between the networks that allows these two widely used and competing automation busses to be installed in the same system when a Comfort system is not required.

The Translator comes with terminal blocks for connection to KNX and C-Bus as well a USB interface for configuration. It is powered from a wallmount adaptor. This unique development allows C-Bus switches to control KNX actuators and dimmers and vice versa. The free Bus Translator Configurator software permits up to 3000 mappings between C-Bus and KNX group addresses.

Applications for the Translator include the possibility of KNX and Cbus switches and dimmers to co-exist in a large commercial or residential installation where specialised components from each system are required. Schneider’s Wiser Home Control gateway can now be used to control a KNX system.

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